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" Emotions don't last long, memories of the emotions do.
Let memotics be the architect, guardian, treasury of both realms. "


Journey to the future of Creative E-Learning. 

Our goal is to socially match people with similar interests and create positive vibes that help friendships develop.

We are a community-first organization. We want to create value for all through digital copyrights in open manner.


We are Memotics, aiming to lead the way in the creation of memories and uncovering emotions in the digital realm - the two most powerful human existential phenomenon that one could experience.


Our vision at memotics has always been to empower creative minds of future generations to express themselves and break free from traditional learning, co-create the future through the use of web3 technology and non-linear learning.




Memotics wants to challenge the ways we can create memories & emotions, to share deeply in our space, our metaverse. We believe in providing this space differently to inspire yourself with a second chance to live the life you can possibly imagined.

To do it differently, we creatively fused the vibrant, energetic, exotic & tantalising Asian sensibilities into everything that we do. Imagine us as your gateway to Asia, to enjoy & create new memories and emotions in the virtual space that you love.


Genesis Pass : Community & Team

Phase I

  • Introduction of Memo Community Points

  • Metaverse Land Purchase

  • Partnerships & Collaborations

  • AMA

  • 1888 Genesis Pass (NFT) Drop Q2 2022

Grow an Amazing Community


Phase I


  • Brand Ecosystems roll out (Q1, Q2)

  • Values Creation, educational events; advertisements,

  • RIES Points

  • Staking for Genesis Pass Holders

Memo Avatar : The Learning Machine


Phase II

  • M_clusive club & Creative Interest Forums

  • Creatives Keys for Learning

  • Learning events LALA (Learn Around Lunch Around)

  • Surprise launch!

  • Once in a Lifetime Experiential Learning

Community of Creative Learning: 

Memo Homes : Mutiverse Ready


Phase II

  • Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Nano learning programs for Creatives, OIL Learning Events

  • Virtual educational programs, Mentorship and speaker events

  • Design Masterclasses; Learn then Earn

  • Social & Job matching in the Palace

Multiverse Ready

Memoversity : Enter our metaverse

Phase III

  • Memoversity

  • Explore Spatial Memoversity Alpha Testing

  • MEMO Home+

  • Design Leadership; Mentorship & Networking

Enhance Your Learning On An Interactive Peer To Peer Learning Platform.

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